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Small Mercies

It has been a wearing World Cup in many ways. The vuvuzela for a start — a cross between tinnitus and an angry wasp. Germany and Argentina doing so well when they had no right to on pre-tournament form. Ghana cheated out of a semi-final slot by Uruguay. The Jabulani ball that was just too bloody round.

England managing to underperform even when we had lowered our expectations. Clive Tyldesley‘s commentary. Mick McCarthy‘s doleful punditry. Alan Green cross with everyone and everything. Read more ›››


After lobbying from various quarters, there has been a recount and this man with a hat made of eggs [click to enlarge] has been declared winner of the Best Dressed Fan Award [see previous post] though it isn’t clear which team he supports.

Photo via The Spoiler.

Feat of Engineering Award I also overlooked one of the major awards. At each and every World Cup, mankind climbs higher up the ladder of progress, science and technology. Read more ›››