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K is for Jack King

Jack King or John Bingham

It is often assumed that there was little traitorous activity in the UK during World War II, but there were quite a few German sympathisers whose activity was neutralised thanks to the spy Jack King.

It was known that Siemens (GB) Ltd had previously provided cover for pro-Nazi espionage and King was tasked with infiltrating the company to assess the level of threat that its employees might pose… Read more ›››

K is for Wolfgang von Kempelen

The Turk

Wolfgang von Kempelen was a philosopher, polyglot, mathematician and author, but above all else he was one of the best of those remarkable inventors of automata in the 18th century, one of which baffled the likes of Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin.

Kempelen was born in 1734 in Pressburg, Hungary, or what is now Bratislava, Slovakia. He studied law and philosophy in his birthplace, and then in Győr, Vienna and Rome… Read more ›››

K is for Noor Inayat Khan

Noor Inayat Khan was a most remarkable woman. She was a beautiful Indian princess, children’s author, poet, accomplished musician, pacifist and spy, and one of the bravest women of World War II.

Khan was born in Moscow in 1914, the eldest child of an Indian father and an American mother. She coukld trace her royal heritage to Tipu Sultan, the 18th century ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, while her mother was Ora Baker, half-sister of the American yogi, Pierre Bernard. Read more ›››

K is for Lena Celestia Kellogg

Lenna Kellogg Sadler

Lena Celestia Kellogg was the sister of John Harvey and William Kellogg of Cornflake fame and one of the ‘discoverers’ of The Urantia Book of divine revelations.

Lena was born in 1875 in Michigan and after a brief spell as a teacher, she turned her attention to nursing. It was then that she met and married William S Sadler and the two pursued their medical careers together, graduating with equal honours at the American Medical Missionary College. Read more ›››

K is for Wrestling

Kent Walton

No, I haven’t lost my grip on the alphabet. K for me will forever be associated with wrestling as I shall endeavor to explain.

The wrestling I enjoyed watching wasn’t the muscle-pumping, body-oiled, testosterone-fuelled entertainment industry of today. Mine came from a gentler time, although it bore many of the hallmarks of stage management that you see today… Read more ›››

K is for Kirstenbosch, Kid of Doom and Klein Karoo

Ronnie's Sex Shop

K can be one of the tricky letters to fill for ABC Wednesday, but I was actually spoilt for choice in South Africa. For example, I would have liked to have written about Kipling who was an annual summer visitor to Cape Town.

Then there is the Kudu, the ubiquitous African antelope that tastes delicious! Or the beautiful town of Knysna where George Bernard Shaw had an unscheduled stay after he broke his leg in a car accident. Read more ›››

K is for Kiosk

Telephone Kiosk

For me, and other people of a certain age, the word kiosk conjures up an image of the red telephone box, like the one featured here.

It was in one of these kiosks that I learned how to use the old A-B coin box telephones. This was deemed to be a necessary skill for a boy scout to learn in case of emergencies, although I’m not sure I could remember how to use one now. Read more ›››

K is for Killings

Not entirely the gruesome subject you might expect. The subjects come from the area where I live and grew up and the first example shows that killings can be commercial as well as violent.

William Kenyon and Son was a company established in Dukinfield in 1866 to take advantage of the cotton driving rope which distributed power from a single steam engine across several floors of a cotton mill through a series of pulleys. Read more ›››