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The Great White Hunters

It was rather sad to see the end of Ken Clarke, the “big beast” of the Tory party sent packing to the elephants’ graveyard with very little ceremony and less than 20% of the parliamentary vote. I suppose that was the downside of his age and experience recommendations — those qualities also breed enemies in the up-its-own-backside world of Westminster. Read more ›››

Lost in the Post

It’s been a funny old week, me not posting I mean. I do try to keep it up, but there are days when the juices don’t flow. (Blimey, that last bit sounds like one of those spam emails for online pharmacies.)

I mean, there must have been something to talk about? Like the death of Ronnie Barker whose passing by far surpassed that of the Sacred Diana to my mind. (I can take the hate mail.) Read more ›››