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C is for Cos

Which is a bit of a cheat as it is generally spelt with a K not a C. But the Greek island of Kos can be spelt Cos, as in Cos Lettuce, and it gives me an excuse to showcase a Cincopa collection of ‘C is for’ photos taken there or thereabouts. Read more ›››

Hot Time in Kos

Watching Denmark play Italy in Euro 2004 tonight took me back to 1992 when Denmark won the competition against all the odds, given that they didn’t even qualify and only got there because of the problems in Yugoslavia.

With perfect timing, we chose that moment to book a holiday in Kos, at the Norida Beach Hotel to be precise. Boy, was it hot! Some of the rooms had air-con — those occupied by German guests — but not ours. Imagine trying to keep two young children content in +90°, day and night. Read more ›››