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Mother Tongue

Language has always fascinated me — its richness and subtlety, the depth and meaning of what is stated and what is implied and the sheer joy of communication. But where do languages come from? And why are they so different and yet so much the same?

Europe is a good example. Lots of people and races living in close proximity and each has developed their own language, some similar and others quite different. How did all the languages of the world evolve? Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants – No 15

There isn’t much that gets me shouting at the tv and radio. Well not since the last England game. Oh, and the budget earlier today. And whenever that stupid Go Compare advert appears. And… Okay, so maybe I shout at inanimate objects more than is healthy, but it is absolutely guaranteed when people start mangling the language.

I was wandering through the living room last night and caught some of those “Police! Stop! Death! Smash!” programmes and there was an officer on the phone to some woman. He was telling her that he’d “found a handbag belonging to yourself.” I walked back in the room to shout, “It’s ‘you’ you moron.” Read more ›››