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Making the News

Two examples today of how the media is more interested in making the news than reporting it. First, the Sun published a photo yesterday allegedly showing Sven Goran Eriksson leaving talks with Chelsea chief executive, Peter Kenyon, as conclusive proof that the Swede is to walk out on England to go and manage the club.

This follows months of speculation about whether the likeable, yet star-crossed, Claudio Ranieri can survive the Roman Revolution. Read more ›››

The Greasy Pole

I’ve never quite worked out why people become politicians. You then spend your life being slagged off for being (mix and match) a. dishonest; b. corrupt; c. disloyal; d. grafting; e. power-crazed; and the f-ing list goes on.

Admit it, would you subject yourself to that degradation day after day? Read more ›››