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Life’s Little Irritants – No 15

There isn’t much that gets me shouting at the tv and radio. Well not since the last England game. Oh, and the budget earlier today. And whenever that stupid Go Compare advert appears. And… Okay, so maybe I shout at inanimate objects more than is healthy, but it is absolutely guaranteed when people start mangling the language.

I was wandering through the living room last night and caught some of those “Police! Stop! Death! Smash!” programmes and there was an officer on the phone to some woman. He was telling her that he’d “found a handbag belonging to yourself.” I walked back in the room to shout, “It’s ‘you’ you moron.” Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants – No 14

As Jenny was saying the other day,  the spread of self-scan counters at the supermarkets becomes more insidious by the day.

Well it must be if it has reached the sleepy consumer hollow that is Morrisons in Bredbury where they appeared a month or two ago. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants — No 13

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted an LLI since 2006 because so much in life is irritating. I mean, so much of modern life is a pain in the arse and we all love a good moan at the rubbish up with which we have to put. I guess it must be my naturally sunny nature. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No 9 — Apostrophes

With all the excitement over the cricket yesterday, I completely forgot to blog what I meant to blog about, namely the abuse of the humble apostrophe, that little mark that can totally change the meaning of a sentence.

Yes, I know it’s a bit Eats, Shoots and Leaves-ish, but it really gets on my tits when this most subtle of keystrokes is abused and misused, especially by folk who should know better. Read more ›››

Petrol Head

I don’t know about you, but when I slosh petrol into my car, I don’t think about the cost per gallon. (Ooops, per litre I correct myself just in time as the Metric Squad of Special Branch were about to use their hammers to bash the front door in.)

What I do (and I hope I’m not on my own) is fill-up on a budget. It used to be that £10 got me through the week, nowadays, it’s double that. Read more ›››

Middle Lane Madness

With my preoccupation with sport last week, I didn’t get round to recording the publication of an RAC Foundation report that said we are ‘losing’ 700 miles of motorway because of poor lane discipline, ie those middle-lane morons who completely ignore the inside lane so that it becomes an empty, unused slip road hundreds of miles long. Read more ›››

Cold Calling

One of life’s more irksome irritants is the unsolicited phone call. From “you have won a luxury holiday,” to “we can save you thousands if you agree to being a show house,” and, of course, the all time favourite, “I’m not trying to sell you anything.” Stock reply 47 — then your company will go out of business?” or Mrs Parrot’s preference, “In that case, can I interest you in some double-glazing?” Read more ›››

Driving me Mad

A woman who lives opposite us had a nasty accident last night. She was turning into her driveway and the driver of the car behind obviously wasn’t paying attention and ran into the side of her car. It was pretty smashed in and they couldn’t open the driver’s door. Luckily, she didn’t appear to be injured.

The problem is that we live on a busy main road and even though it is almost entirely a residential area, people drive way too fast. I have to reverse into our drive. The alternative would be to reverse out into the road which as you can imagine from the above would be somewhat hazardous. Read more ›››