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It’s a Blast

I promised myself no more “flight to London” referencess. Not that interesting after all. But I couldn’t resist this one. When you’re whizzing round the apron at London City Airport after landing, there are orange signs that warn the pilots to “Caution Your Blast.” What on earth does that mean? It doesn’t even register on Google, not as an exact phrase anyway. A fart warning perhaps? Any explanation would be… Read more

Come Fly With Me 2

Well, aren’t I becoming a bit of a high-flyer? Today was my second flight to London in less than a week, although the outward journey was more like life in the bus-lane.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly at first. I got to the airport in good time, checked in and then over to Costa’s for a coffee. I got to the desk at 6.45 just as they were announcing boarding and was in my seat and buckled in just before. “Great,” I thought, “Looks like we’re more or less on time. Wrong. Read more ›››

Come Fly With Me

Did you enjoy making paper aeroplanes as a kid? At our school, it became something of an obsessive competition at times, with points height, distance flown and aerobatic capabilities.

For some students, this obsession didn’t end when they left school. Three students at Leeds University have applied their research to design the perfect paper plane and the ‘Avenger’ has been voted the best in terms of aerodynamics and ease of construction. Learn how here. Or here. Read more ›››