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A Nose to be Picked at

Seems odd not having a LOTR film to see at the cinema at Christmas. I guess I should count myself lucky that I have two kids at the right age for whom the three installments came at the right time, though, in truth, I would have gone anyway.

Trying to recapture the moment with a 17-year-old atheist and one of 14 who now has his hair dyed black isn’t easy, but we had a bash at Narnia. It was pretty good, four out of five if I’m being generous, and got an even better mark from young Master P. Read more ›››

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Metcheck is a brilliant site. Pat logged on tonight to check on the predicted snow about to hit the UK. It will arrive by nine o’clock, it said. Sure enough, at five minutes to thge hour, I was driving through what passes for a blizzard in these parts.

I was collecting Master P from his twice weekly combat class at Cobra Freestyle. (This by way of warning of what to expect if you come calling unannounced at 3am at chez nous – Master P is a big bugger!) By the time I was dropping his mate off, my car was doing scary pirouettes on the ungritted side streets, but we got home safely. Read more ›››

‘Tis the Season

Bloody hell – over two weeks since my last blog. This suggests one of two things. One, I’ve had such a blindingly good Christmas that I haven’t had the time; or two, my life is otherwise so empty that I have nothing better to do than blog. I suppose it’s been a bit of both.

We have been to various parties, had people round etc, but the highlight of the holiday has been seeing The Return of the King. Twice. There’s no point extolling the virtues of the LOTR movie project because a) Barry Norman is much better at that sort of thing than I am (oops – it’s Jonathan Woss these days, isn’t it); b) there are no words to describe how epic these films are; and c) if I did, I have this unerring knack of choosing non-LOTR people when waxing lyrical, and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case now, gentle reader. Read more ›››