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We ‘appy Few

A lot has been made about the history and destiny behind Wednesday. Fifty years since the Munich disaster, forty years since ManU first won the title (and I was there) and Giggs coming on to break Bobby Charlton’s club appearance record. Pity that 1999 didn’t quite fit the decimal pattern. Read more ›››


We do get carried away with them sometimes. How often do we use the phrases ‘world class’, ‘superb’ and ‘great’ when really what we mean is ‘adequate’ or ‘well-paid’ especially where footballers are concerned.

With that and this day in mind, you do wonder what the lives lost at Munich in 1958 would be worth today. Or how many superlatives might be coined by the headline writers? Read more ›››

Who Are Yer?

HeeHee! There is a God and he ain’t a Gooner, but is in his place in northern footie heaven. The Beeb link is to be added later (give them time to rewrite their copy.) No, I’m not a pie-eater, but I knew I should have put money on ’em with five minutes to go — Wigan AFC are/is probably the best late goal specialists in the Premiership at the moment, even including my lot it has to be said. Read more ›››

A Case of the Clap

I’m not quite sure how I’m managing to type this. My arms feel like lead and my hands and fingers are sore. The reason? Well me and Mrs P had one of our very occasional trips to Old Trafford tonight to watch ManU play Portsmouth. And of course it was played on the day that George Best was laid to rest.

The cause of my discomfort was the one minute round of applause to celebrate his skill. Sixty seconds of relentlessly working clapping muscles that haven’t had a lot of practice. Well you feel daft giving it large when you’re watching games at home on the telly. And it frightens the dog. Read more ›››

Always Give a Sucker an Even Break

I bar blogging about footie as a rule. Well, when you’re a ManU fan, all you do is alienate the readership (as much as it is) like Mosh and Mike for example. So I was tempted, but resisted on Sunday, when we stuffed Chelsea 1-0.

It was that footie cliché, “the crowd sucked it into the net” that prompted this post, that and a photo in the paper. Read more ›››


I don’t know about you, but my nerves are shredded. Again. After my depression over the Old Trafford test, I couldn’t believe that three matches on the trot would have gone down to the wire. Again. Read more ›››


I generally don’t get too carried with sports related stuff, England test match wins and Man U excepted, but I had to add some kindling to the rumour mill and where Michael Owen may or may not be headed.

Mrs P took the dogs for a stroll round Lyme Park on Saturday. While they were hosing and wiping them down, they spotted a flash car in the car park, a gold Merc, reg no M9 0WEN. Read more ›››

Ruud Gesture

I may be shinning out onto a limb here, but I don’t believe Ruud van Nistelrooy is heading for Real Madrid this summer. His whole body language after Man U’s FA Cup Final win said, “I’m part of this,”; not “So long, and thanks for all the dosh.” Certainly not like David Beckham’s last game at Old Trafford when everything about him said he wasn’t coming back. Read more ›››