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A Worker is Worthy of His Wages*

How on earth can it be right for someone to earn £10 million a year for kicking a ball around? When the rest of country is facing £81 billion in government spending cutbacks and millions are fearful for the jobs?

That was the general tone of the media and public reaction to the Wayne Rooney will-he-won’t-he leave Manchester United story this week. I’ve completely ignored it here so as not to allow my considerable influence to affect the negotiations, but here is an observation now it’s over. Read more ›››

I Was There

I was there in ’79. At Wembley I mean. Arse-nil v Man U in the cup final. The first half passed in a haze, well those were the days when I could still stomach a whisky on the 7pm train to the smoke. Not to mention the beers on the tube, or even the beers and sandwiches before the game from friends who we met on the car park outside.

Wembley was an awful place. I’d been there before in ’68. How the hell we’d got the World Cup two years before is beyond me. Just look at the hoops you have to jump through now just to be considered as a bankruptcy looking to happen. Read more ›››