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Ball and Chain

Old Mobiles

Although I’m a sucker for gizmos and gadgetry, there’s a lot about the Information Age that I dislike and top of the list is the mobile phone which has allowed communication to become instant, constant, incessant and pointlessly intrusive.

I must admit, I didn’t see it coming or I would have done something about it. Not mobile phone technology in general, just me in particular for allowing it to become my master instead of my servant. Read more ›››

Because We Say So

Interesting that anyone found smoking on precluded premises will have an on-the-spot fine of £50 imposed, while someone caught with a mobile phone clamped to their ear while driving is only fined £30 and with time to pay.

Okay, so the smoker may or may not have an impact on the health of the people around him/her, by which I’m not trying to deny the effect of passive smoking. It can kill some of the people affected, but not everyone. Some will die of other causes before the cancer etc kicks in — RTAs, DVT, broken-hearts, you name it. The point is that death by passive smoking, as is death by active smoking, is long-term cause and effect. Read more ›››

‘Tis the Season

Had my first Christmas dinner today. (Don’t you hate the word ‘Xmas?’) It was in the canteen (sorry, ‘staff restaurant’) consisting of veggie soup followed by turkey (a bit dried out) with an even more dried out lump of stuffing on top. I passed on the sprouts, roasters, carrot batons etc and went for a hillock of creamed spuds. Plus the European Gravy Lake to rehydrate the offering. Only two more helpings to go before I finish for the holiday. Whoopee do. Read more ›››