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M is for Mostert’s Mill, Montagu and Monarch

Mostert’s Mill is one of the landmarks of Cape Town, sitting alongside the busy De Waal Drive and within a few minutes walk from where we were staying.

The mill was built around 1796 at the Welgelegen Farm, owned by Gysbert van Renen, and was named after his son-in-law, Sybrand Mostert, after Van Renen’s death.

It ceased operation in 1873, but stayed in the Mostert family until 1889 and was finally sold to Cecil Rhodes in 1891. Read more ›››


Montagu is a lovely little town. Many of its buildings are a hundred years old or more and have been beautifully cared for, all whitewash, pastel colours and Victorian ironwork of the verandahs.

The town was originally founded by Dutch settlers who had crossed the mountains from the west to grow fruit, but they were unable to sell their excess because of the settlements inaccessibility. Read more ›››