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X is for eXtremist

What a cheat, but I was struggling to think of anything interesting beginning with X. Besides, I needed somewhere to use my photo of this bottle of wine.

The Extremist chenin blanc is from the Western Cape of South Africa and one my wife is quite fond of, although she isn’t keen on the wasp logo, if that is what it is. Read more ›››

O is for Orange

It is safe to say there will be no rhymes this week because nothing rhymes with orange. Lozenge is about as near as you can get with an online rhyming dictionary.

Left is the Prince of Orange pub on Warrington Street and Wellington Road, Ashton, named after the man who was to become William III of England and William II of Scotland and who also gave his name to the College of William and Mary in present day Willamsburg, Virginia and briefly to New York which was renamed New Orange in 1673 after the Dutch recaptured the city. Read more ›››