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Fraud or Blagging?

Things keep on wriggling from under the upturned News Corp rock. Obtaining people’s financial and property details by deception according to the reports.

The journos would ring up building societies and others pretending to be someone else so they could wheedle the information out of an unsuspecting employee. In the trade they call it “blagging“. Read more ›››

Car Crash Management

Last News of the World

I left it late to buy the Sunday papers today, going to the shop about lunchtime. All the way there I wondered: would I or wouldn’t I? Would I buy a copy of the News of the World or not?

One part of me figured I would be tainted by it and yet another voice whispered, “Yes, but this is a historic event. A national institution commiting suicide.” Read more ›››

Making a Stand


I know I have a very jaundiced view of the media, but that has never stopped me buying newspapers. Not that I consider myself a serious media commentator even if I do like poking fun at the more obvious hack banalities, usually to be found in the Daily Mail.

But I made a stand today. Read more ›››