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Capital Punishment

Yorkshire Pudding wrote a thoughtful piece about the purpose of anger the other day and raised some interesting points. Is anger necessarily a bad thing for example? Does it change in nature as we age?

I rather think it does. When I was an angry young man I got very hot under the collar about all sorts of things. Deprivation, homelessness, the political process, the capital imperialism and the system in general. In other words, wasting my time getting cross about things I couldn’t hope to change. Read more ›››

A Bright Future for the NHS?

The Tory party announced their new ‘big idea’ for the NHS at their conference in Bournemouth today. The Patient Passport. The idea is that if someone pays for private treatment, they should get 60% of what it would have cost the NHS to put towards it. The example used was a hip-replacement. This would cost the NHS £5,000, so they would get £3,000, while the NHS would still have £2,000 to treat those who can’t afford it. Ten people treated privately and enough to treat 94 on the NHS. Voila, everyone’s happy. Wrong. Read more ›››

The Blame Game

Blame culture is the name of the game. So where is it leading us?

Compensation, duty of care, bullying, race, gender, age, competence, incompetence, should or shouldn’t have, could or couldn’t have, would or wouldn’t have, did or didn’t. Everything is someone else’s fault. Read more ›››


Sorry, I should have introduced myself. My name is Ian and I live in Stockport in north west England. Married with two kids and a mortgage.

My age? Well let’s just say that if I were to have a mid-life crisis, it would happen about now. Read more ›››