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Promise Little, Deliver Much

“Underpromise and overdeliver” is one of the simple maxims of business and all other walks of life that is often the hardest to grasp as Nick Clegg demonstrated today, promising the “biggest shake-up of our democracy” since 1832.

Setting aside the populist chaff of scrapping ID cards, biometric passports, CCTV cameras and the DNA database, what this amounted to was: Read more ›››

The Unusual Suspects

The BBC’s cut-out-and-keep wallchart of World Cup Cabinet Stars stickers is a useful reminder of who is now who and what shade of blue they are.

The concession to Nick Clegg’s new elevated position is that he gets more white space around him than his colleagues, but no-one’s image is larger than Dave’s. Read more ›››

The Road to Hell

Deal or no deal?

What a difference a few days make. On Friday, the Daily Mail had a photo of David Cameron on its front page with the headline, “Hand me the keys to No10”.

By weekend, it talked of shabby deal-making when it became clear that he had to agree terms with Nick Clegg if he was to avoid having to lead a minority government. Read more ›››

Polly the Reformer

Nick Clegg has been banging on about reforming the UK elctoral system now that it looks as if the LibDems will have a bit of clout in a hung parliament. Most of the systems being talked about sound a bit complicated to me — single transferable votes, party lists, additional member systems etc.

We have enough trouble getting people bothered enough to put a simple X against one name, let alone perming any three from six. Read more ›››