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Five Ring Circus

The Savage Games

As it is Olympic year, I had a notion to focus on competitors past and present for the next round of ABC Wednesday, but filling the alphabet proved a bit tricky. One or two may appear, but on the whole I dropped the idea.

However, I came across this story of the 1904 Olympics held in St Louis that really shocked me, not just because it’s a shameful stain on the reputation of the Olympic movement, but also because it isn’t a story I’d ever come across before and there isn’t much much online to shed more light on it either. Read more ›››

False Start

False Start

The media has got very exercised about the number of disqualifications for by false starts at the World Athletics Championships and whether the one strike and you’re out rule is fair or not.

And it is a worry. If I’d paid £500 to watch Usain Bolt win the men’s 100m final at the Olympics next year, I wouldn’t be very happy if he was thrown out for being a bit previous on the blocks, so I’ve come up with some ideas. Read more ›››

Olympic Dream

An excellent post on how the Olympics might pan out, by Village Hampden:

In the show-jumping, there will be complaints of discrimination against gay horses. Straight horses will complain about being made to mince in the dressage. The Guardian will condemn these horses as homophobic without even commenting on the miracle of a talking horse. Read more ›››

What Did I Tell You?

Parrot the Olympic cynic on a rare foray to London on the very day the announce the thing, and the buggers went and won it.

Not that you would have known it, at least where I was in Westminster Square. I’d expected that at least the black cabs would have been flying flags and tooting their horns, but it was business as usual. Mind you the ‘public’ were mostly foreign tourists having their picture taken with Big Ben in the background and generally cluttering up the pavement. Read more ›››

Things Not Looked Forward To

There are some things that none of us look forward to. Like a trip to the dentist. Even if it doesn’t involve you wearing those over-sized eye protectors (that usually come free with a garden strimmer) because someone is about to invade your mouth with a mini Black + Decker, there’s always the hygieneist to give your teeth a good picking over with spiky implements.

Or the optician’s. It’s not the humiliation of being unable to get past the third line of the chart before you start guessing, it’s that glaucoma test, when you have to sit there with your eye lined up knowing, knowing, that they’re going to shoot a shot of air in your eye, and you’re trying not to blink. And then doing it again in the other eye. Read more ›››