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H is for Olivér Halassy

Olivér Halassy

One of the stand out points of London 2012 was Oscar Pistorius competing against able-bodied athletes, but he was by no means the first Olympian with a physical disability.

One such was Olivér Halassy, the Hungarian water polo player and freestyle swimmer who competed successfully in three Olympics from 1928 to 1936 despite having only one leg. Read more ›››

Pillar Box Gold

Sarah Storey Commemorative Stamp

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I hoped to get photos of one or two of the gold painted post boxes once the weather improved. Which is why it hasn’t happened until now.

For anyone unaware, a post box has been given a make-over from its usual red in the home town of Great British Olympic gold medallists. Read more ›››

Level the Playing Field

Short Basketball Players

Day one of the Paralympics in London and it is already making for compulsive tv viewing. Well apart from the opening ceremony which was technically very good, if rather dull in content.

Having Ian MacKellen popping up all over the place as Prospero with Nicola Miles-Wildin as Miranda was all very well, but where were the gags? Read more ›››

G is for Ludwig Guttmann

Luwig Guttmann

Now and then there is a coming together of events and circumstance, a synchronicity that cannot be ignored, and then the moment has almost passed and you realise you’ve nearly missed the boat.

Of course, I’m speaking of today’s ABC Wednesday letter G and the opening of the Paralympics founded by Ludwig ‘Poppa’ Guttmann. But hopefully this doesn’t come too late. Read more ›››

Olympic Round-up Part Three

Felix Sanchez in Tears

I really should have started posting my reflections on London 2012 sooner, but here is the third and final installment.

We all found the GB contribution to the closing ceremony in Beijing rather toe-curling so we looked forward to the opening ceremony to London 2012 with a degree of trepidation. We needn’t have worried. Read more ›››

Olympic Round-up Part Two

Team GB's Magic Wheels

This is the second installment my impressions of London 2012, some serious, some not, and this one starts on a negative note.

Flops of the Games

There weren’t too many flops in my eyes, but one who stood out for Team GB was Phillips Idowu pictured left going out in the qualifying round of the triple jump. Read more ›››

Olympic Round-up

Tony and Mo

I said that I would serialise my impressions of London 2012, some serious, some not, and here’s the first instalment starting on a positive note.

The Face of London 2012

Every four years the media decides who is the ‘Face of the Olympics’ and for me there is only one contender, the boxer Nicola Adams. Read more ›››

Commercial Break

Official Game of London 2012

I’d been out taking advantage of the sunshine last night to take some photos and when I returned I turned on the tv to watch the England women’s hockey semi-final when a strange thing happened. There were adverts.

The set was tuned to one of the Sky channels and having watched nothing but the Olympics on the BBC for the past fortnight I’d also had a break from commercials. Read more ›››