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D is for Deary’s Derny

Peter Deary

If you’ve been watching the success of Team GB in the velodrome (and I concede that you might not, especially if you’re Australian) then you will have spotted Peter Deary on his Derny.

The motorised bike with its distinctive petrol tank mounted below the handlebars makes its appearance during the Keirin when it is used to gradually bring the cyclists up to speed before they sprint for the line… Read more ›››

Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket

When you watch Olympic events like handball and beach volleyball you can see how they must have developed in an ad hoc way by people improvising rules for fun.

On that basis, I propose that Beach Cricket should be introduced as a new Olympic sport for 2016, at least as a demonstration event. Read more ›››



There is an old military maxim that says, ‘No plan survives first contact with the enemy’, something I’ve found to be true of life as well as on the battlefield.

I mention this because of the close-up interest that the cameras take in the hand signals that beach volleyball players give to each other, like the one on the left. Read more ›››

King of the Road

King Bradley

I know there is still over a week to go before the end of the Olympics, but this photo is in the running for my abiding image of the games.

Having three enormous gilded thrones for the bronze, silver and gold medal winners of the men’s road cycling time trial at the finishing line at Hampton Court was completely over the top. Read more ›››

Team Player

Team Player

Having got well and truly stuck into watching the Olympics, I’ve begun to realise that the sports I like best are the team games where two or more competitors work together.

Swimming hasn’t particularly grabbed my attention, nor has archery, shooting and only the gymnastics when it was for the team medal. Read more ›››

Sporting Lexicon


The thing about watching (to me) obscure sports once every four years is that the tend to have their own vocabulary, words that I know how they are meant, but not what they mean. If you know what I mean.

Take rowing for instance. We know that taking part in the repechage means being given a second chance, but where does it come from? Read more ›››

Fresh Air and Fun

Chadkirk Bridge

As usual with the Olympics, I’ve found myself in thrall of sports that I haven’t a clue about and couldn’t care less about at any other time, so I’ve found myself up until the early hours watching volleyball of all things.

Much as I admire Bradley Wiggins for his success in the Tour de France, it wasn’t something I watched on tv and yet I spent four hours on Saturday watching Team GB failing to win the road race. Read more ›››

Para Queen

No, I’m not about to have a moan about the Olympics opening ceremony – that could be safely left to the Daily Mail.

Having reluctantly admitted that it was ‘bloody brilliant’, it couldn’t help adding that ‘viewers voice anger over announcements being made in French first‘. Read more ›››