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Olympics Minister, Jeremy Hunt, joins in the bell-ringing in his usual style.

Five Reasons to Love London 2012

London 2012 Logo

There has been feverish speculation as to who will be chosen to light the Olympic flame, but I can exclusively reveal the identity of the mystery celebrity chosen to represent the spirit of Old London Town.

(Drum roll) Climbing the steps this evening will be none other than Dick Van Dyke reprising his role as Bert from Mary Poppins who will epitomise all that is wonderful about modern Britain by lighting the Olympic bowl with a carelessly discarded cigarette end. Read more ›››

Including the kitchen synch

Kitchen Sink

The sheer number of ways of accessing coverage of the London 2012 is pretty mind-blowing, at least compared to previous Olympics that tended to be restricted to a terrestrial tv station or two and BBC radio.

Auntie Beeb has gone absolutely bananas this time round. Yes it will be on the main channels wall-to-wall and Radio Five Live ‘is your Olympic station’ but there is so much else besides. Read more ›››

Raising the Bard


Women’s boxing is one of the more controversial additions to the list of medals available at London 2012, but it isn’t entirely new to the Olympic calendar.

The sight of two women bashing each other round the head first appeared as a demonstration event at the 1902 games in Paris, but didn’t catch on. I suppose it was too much for Pierre de Coubertin’s French philogynous sensibilities to bear. Read more ›››

Quote Unquote

Pinsent and Redgrave

As the London 2012 draw nearer, I suppose it is inevitable that you start to dredge through your own Olympic memories, although in my case I have to question whether they actually happened or not.

Barcelona ’92 is my favourite games for many reasons, from the theme music – Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé singing Barcelona – to the paralympian archer firing a burning arrow to light the Olympic torch, it was the most theatrical event. Read more ›››

Boo Boo

Long Jump

The media has rightly given a bashing to G4S over the complete hash it has made, and continues to make, over the security arrangements for the Olympics.

But the media is not above Olympian cock-ups of their own.

Click on the image on the left which I scanned from the Sunday Times Olympic Scrapbook for kids. Read more ›››

Five Ring Circus

The Savage Games

As it is Olympic year, I had a notion to focus on competitors past and present for the next round of ABC Wednesday, but filling the alphabet proved a bit tricky. One or two may appear, but on the whole I dropped the idea.

However, I came across this story of the 1904 Olympics held in St Louis that really shocked me, not just because it’s a shameful stain on the reputation of the Olympic movement, but also because it isn’t a story I’d ever come across before and there isn’t much much online to shed more light on it either. Read more ›››

Transport Timebomb

I was listening to Tessa Jowell being interviewed on Radio Five this morning about how much investment there would be in London’s public transport infrastructure were the city to be awarded the 2012 Olympic Games. I’m afraid her argument fell a long way short of convincing me.

It went something like this: the Olympics are held in August when the numbers using public transport drops by 20%, that the people attending the games will only add an extra 5%, therefore there will be a nett reduction of 15% on the numbers normally using public transport. Read more ›››