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Parrot, You Have a Problem

I had a phone call last night that began with: “Hello, is that Mr Parrot?”

The connection was ropey and the accent was foreign, not so much Indian call-centre, more middle European, and I wondered long it would be before I was reassured that he wasn’t trying to sell anything, or that I’d won a competition I hadn’t even entered, or there were representatives in my area that week. But he didn’t. Read more ›››

Make the Most of Your Mac

For many years, the only PC I would contemplate was a Mac. I got my first in 1986, a Mac Plus which I think I’m right in saying had a one meg hard disk, but it still ran Pagemaker so that suddenly, decent presentation was possible without having to go to a graphic designer all the time. WYSIWYG was the wonder of its day.

I managed to resist our IT department’s blandishments to switch to a Windows PC for many years, arguing that Macs were the industry standard in printing, but I finally relented a couple of years ago and now work on a Sony Vaio. I still get to use Macs at home because my wife’s business uses them, but I do miss that friendly, helpful screen and the ease of use of the Mac system when I’m at work. Read more ›››