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Life’s Little Irritants — No 13

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted an LLI since 2006 because so much in life is irritating. I mean, so much of modern life is a pain in the arse and we all love a good moan at the rubbish up with which we have to put. I guess it must be my naturally sunny nature. Read more ›››

A Stroll on t’other side

There’s a bloke working a scam near where I work. As you wander back from a (rare) lunchtime stroll round the shops, there he is, semi-respectable of dress, a desperate/cross look on his face and a set of car keys in his hand. “You won’t believe this, my car has broken down,” vague thumb over shoulder, “and I’ve no money on me. Can you ‘lend’ me a couple of quid to get home and sort it out?”

I know this because he’s approached me three or four times. Nothing from me of course. We Parrots know a wrong ‘un when we see one. But it seems he has sophisticated the con. Now he really has a car, presumably on the back of previous ‘work.’ Read more ›››

Don’t Panic!

Sorry, but I am. Panicking that is. England have just come on again after tea with Kevin Pietersen just about holding things together. Looks like I chose the wrong day to give up sniffing glue.

Elsewhere, others are getting panicky about petrol. The BBC says they’re not, but having stopped off to fill up myself, I was amazed at how many cars and commercial vehicles where queuing to get in. Me, I dropped dead lucky having come in from the other side from the main entrance and straight alongside a pump. Read more ›››