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…and cancel Christmas!

I got quite shock in the paper shop this morning. I was wondering which sort of boiled sweets I fancied when I clocked the headline on the front of the Daily Mail: “Pope’s Battle to Save Christmas”

My immediate reaction was a resigned shrug. It was only a matter of time before the ConDems decided that this was something else that the country couldn’t afford, along with the free hospital parking for the sick, new schools for the kids, meals on wheels for the elderly and other frivolous public spending. Read more ›››

Sniping Practice

Listening to the reports on the Pope’s arrival on the radio yesterday, it was the Pope-mobile that was the main butt of criticism. Comments along the lines of: “Nothing restores your faith in God as much four inches of armour-plating.”

Which would be quite funny until you hear that a gang of street cleaners have been arrested on anti-terrorism charges this morning. Read more ›››

Crusading Atheism

I’ve no idea whether Pope Benedict was or wasn’t a member of the Nazi Youth when he was growing up in Germany. It would come as no surprise given the times and the world he was living in. But if he was, does that make him unfit to be Pope as some people claim?

My understanding of Christian philosophy is that the repenting sinner has greater spiritual worth than someone who has shown piety all their life. Welcome home the prodigal and all that. Read more ›››