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Life’s Little Irritants — No 17

Red Handed

We’ve had a grouse for some time about one of our postmen who seems to have it in for anyone who prefers internet shopping.

Whenever we’re expecting a parcel from Amazon or anyone else, we inevitably find a card on the doormat telling us that we were out. Read more ›››

Last Post

Fanfare of trumpets, a roll on the drums….. I had to post a letter today. A full and frank confession that I had indeed put the denizens of Warrington at risk by driving at 46mph on a 40mph dual carriageway to be precise.

Apart from the sudden realisation that I am a dangerous desperado and a menace on the Queen’s highway, the process flagged up two other things. First, that my handwriting is atrocious as I struggled to fill in the form. It wasn’t great to start with, but since all my ‘writing’ these days is almost exclusively by keyboard it has totally gone to pot. Read more ›››