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With all the hoo-ha about the Daily Telegraph reporters pretending to be constituents and taping the indiscretions of LibDem MPs, what galls me is the hypocrisy of the media.

By coincidence, I have been trying to contact the editor of the Spectrum section of the Sunday Times magazine and emailed News International to see if they could help. The reply stated that: “we are not permitted, due to data protection, to pass on individual email addresses.” Read more ›››

That Way Madness Lies

I read in the Mail that the law is to ban the traditional taking of photos of newlyweds signing the register. I’ve only got their word for it of course as the story only seems to appear on the web in their slightly more rabid sister paper the Evening Standard, but then you can’t imagine them making it up. Can you? I mean, they don’t have an agenda do they? Read more ›››