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Don’t Drink the Water

Whenever drought threatens, we can always rely on United Utilities to see us through by deploying their ultimate weapon — the hosepipe ban announcement.

The emphasis here is on the word ‘announcement’, rather than ‘hosepipe’ or ‘ban’. Even after weeks of hot, dry weather, there’s nothing like it to bring those isobars and rain clouds swinging in from the Atlantic, as has happened since the UU hosepipe ban was announced last week. It has rained on and off ever since. Read more ›››

Show us yer tits

A blue tit fledgling managed to get itself lost when it fell onto our lawn instead of safely hiding away in the conifer tree where it had been nesting. Mrs P was able to pick it up and return it before a cat got to it.

The family had chosen a miserable day to leave home and there were at least six youngsters sheltering from the rain like little balls of fluff. They didn’t object to me getting close, although mum whizzed past my ear just as I took the photo above and I left them alone after that. Read more ›››