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Rin Tin Tin’s Tin

This is a those questions that has been bugging me for some considerable time — why are dog food tins so much tougher than human food tins?

This is unlikely to have occurred to you if a) you don’t have a dog; b) if you do, it isn’t fed on tinned food; c) if it is, you don’t recycle the empties and d) if you answer yes to the above, but you don’t own a can crusher. Read more ›››


Life can be quite exciting, even in the most mundane tasks. Yesterday I visited the local tip recycling centre and found myself accused of industrial espionage.

It’s all the fault of the new refuse system introduced this month. We now have four wheelie bins to take the detritus of our consumer lives and collected at various weekly, fortnightly and four weekly intervals. Read more ›››

The Recycle Path

Our local council has been quite smart about its push on recycling. While some have risked the anger of the Daily Mail and Eric Pickles by lumbering local taxpayers with umpteen recycling bins and cutting back refuse collection, ours has taken the softly, softly approach.

It started with a green bin for garden rubbish, and would we mind using a black box for glass and a bag for paper. This stepped up with a brown wheelie for glass, plastic bottles and cans and a blue one for paper and card. And all the time they were experimenting with other ideas in some parts of town to demonstrate their acceptability. Read more ›››

One-legged Man at Butt Kicking Contest

Lord knows we try to do our bit for the environment, but I’m not sure the environment is paying much attention.

Every day I look up into the sky to see if our bit of the ozone layer is thickening up at all with no noticeable effect. Mind you, it’s hard to tell through the clouds and when your glasses are blurred with raindrops. Read more ›››