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Anonymous said…

Just a Quick note to all those who think that ex-drug users & ex-offenders will never change & always revert back to their old path… WRONG!!! I was a heroin user for 10 years before hearing about RemarUK. I entered in January 2004 & with the help of those who had been through the same, stopped drinking, smoking, using any kind of drug but most importantly I regained my dignity & self respect. Read more ›››

Good Feeling

I mentioned before that we have been busy decorating Miss P’s bedroom. The project is now finished and looks great. The only problem was, that left us with her old bed in the garage to match Master P’s old bed and taking up a lot of room.

Our first thought was to take them to the tip, but seemed such a waste. Instead, we rang Remar UK, a Christian charity that works with drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-offenders and their relatives and they collected them today, along with other bits and pieces. They sell them to raise money to support the project. Read more ›››