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Beggars Belief

I am a bit slow on the uptake with this story which appeared in last week’s Asian News, but it bears a hearing now as it is as fine an example of local government crassness as you’re likely to come across.

Rochdale MBC thought a fun way to switch on the lights to celebrate Eid would be to get three Asian children to do it by pressing a mock detonator with the word “BOOM!” splashed on the side. Read more ›››

You Heard it Here First

Radio 5 has finally woken up the fact that rather a lot of people are driving round with the Flag of St George on their cars, or two in most cases, something I commented on about two weeks ago. There were reporters out carrying a rather unscientific survey of how many cars were so festooned, followed by an hour long phone-in. Forget the Beeb — remember you read it here first! Read more ›››