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Down and Out Down Under

I didn’t write about the Rugby World Cup yesterday because there are at least two periodic readers from the North Wales area and I’m not one to intrude on private grief.

Not that I wasn’t supporting Wales as they took on France. I wouldn’t say that I became Welsh for the day, but I had hoped that the Red Dragons would prevail if only so we could be treated to another frantic week of taffymania in the media. Read more ›››

Man Management

One of the more bizarre stories this week was that South Africa rugby coach, Rudolf Straeuli, management style was to get the team to crawl naked through the bush while he videoed it so they could all watch it together later. He claims his unusual training regime was part of a team-building exercise, although sounds more like an outlandish fetish to me. In any event, it didn’t work as the Springboks were beaten 29-9 by New Zealand in the quarter finals of the RWC and Rudolf has been forced to resign. Read more ›››

Losing It

The funniest part of England’s victory on Saturday was the presentations to the Australians. It wasn’t that I enjoyed seeing some Aussie disappointment (okay, maybe a little bit), it was the manner in which it was done. Dr Syd Millar, chairman of the IRB, haphazardly hung the medals round the necks of the first few players, and by the end of the line he was more or less chucking the medals at them. You could almost hear him saying, “Put the bloody things on yourselves! Read more ›››

Compare and Contrast

Phew! A world cup triumph, but didn’t they put us through the wringer. It made me think about the only other one I’ve experienced, 1966 and all that.

So, let’s compare and contrast. In 1966 I had been lately started at Hyde Grammar School and the summer of ’66 was to be my first absence from home. But first I had the chance to watch a WC match at Old Trafford, Hungary versus Bulgaria, I think, the former winning 3-1 on 20 July. Read more ›››

Wizards of Oz

Well Oz, what happened to the expansive running game? Not much sign of it this morning/evening as you were crushed by the might of the English pack, the running of Jason Robinson and, of course, the boot of Jonny Wilkinson to take the Rugby World Cup.

But just to prove that us Poms can still whinge in victory, I thought the ref (Andre Watson) gave some awful decisions. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he had a bet on the Aussies. Read more ›››

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Well, the tension is beginning to mount as we are less than 24 hours from England (hopefully) winning the Rugby World Cup in the Aussies’ own back yard!

Sometimes are think the Aussies are right calling us “whinging poms” judging some of the things that have been said about England’s game against France last week. “Boring kicking game” moaned the critics, but they’ve obviously never played rugby. I have and in torrential rain when passing the ball was like passing a bar of soap. Read more ›››

Aussies Couldn’t Give a XXXX for PM

The Rugby World Cup started this morning in Sydney, and as ever, the Australians made a great spectacle of it with fireworks, drumbeats and kids moving in formation to create Rocky, the event mascot.

But the strange thing was that when their prime minister, John Howard, got up to make his opening speech, he was roundly booed by the crowd. Read more ›››