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Media Moguls

Love the new Dan and Dan video on the News Corp debacle on how the vacuum left by the News of the World might be filled. Meanwhile. it was a momentous day in the history of the media industry yesterday.

Rupert Murdoch, the 13th most powerful man in the world according to Forbes, the man who can make and break governments and the reputations of the rich and famous, is forced to debase himself to the Dowler family. Read more ›››

Car Crash Management

Last News of the World

I left it late to buy the Sunday papers today, going to the shop about lunchtime. All the way there I wondered: would I or wouldn’t I? Would I buy a copy of the News of the World or not?

One part of me figured I would be tainted by it and yet another voice whispered, “Yes, but this is a historic event. A national institution commiting suicide.” Read more ›››