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No Puddings in Sheffield

What a beautiful day it has been — blue skies and not a cloud in sight — perfect for a drive over the Pennines to take my daughter home to Sheffield after a weekend chez mum and dad.

The pleasant run ground to halt when we came up against road works at the top of Eccleshall Road and I was studying the windows of the local shops, including the chippie. It was then that my daughter dropped her bombshell — that there are no pudding, chips, peas and gravy to be had in Sheffield. Read more ›››

Vuvu Voluntary

The vuvuzela is now very much a must have instrument among the Yorkshire brass band fraternity, at least if my visit to Sheffield today is anything to go by.

We had been invited to my daughter’s for the day in honour of Father’s Day, that special date in the calendar when the patriarch is indulged. In my case this involved not having a lie-in or breakfast in bed, but an early trip to stock up at the shops followed by a pleasant drive in the sunshine across the Pennines. Read more ›››

Sheffield Cuisine

Just back from a trip across the Pennines to drop off my daughter after a few days at home back to her other home. As usual, we went the pretty route — ie spending as much time in Derbyshire as possible — although wasn’t quite the scenic sunlit fields we’re used to. More misty greyness and fog lights.

To avoid the rain, we had lunch at the Spice Market Café on Eccleshall Road which is a sort of East meets West place. To quote from this review: Read more ›››