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Life’s Little Irritants – No 14

As Jenny was saying the other day,  the spread of self-scan counters at the supermarkets becomes more insidious by the day.

Well it must be if it has reached the sleepy consumer hollow that is Morrisons in Bredbury where they appeared a month or two ago. Read more ›››

I bet you thought that supermarket checkouts are so called because that’s where you checkout your shopping. Wrong. It’s called that because it is where you check out other people’s shopping and wonder, “What on earth are they going to make with that lot.

Take tonight. I was behind this bloke who had a Mediterranean look about him, Greek or Turkish maybe. Read more ›››

Sitting Not So Pretty

When I say “I’m going to the shops” what I actually mean is that there is something specific that I want to buy. I get in the car, drive to whichever shop sells what I want, buy it and come home again.

When Mrs and Miss P say the same thing, they mean that they’re about to disappear for several hours to meander around the shops until they spot something they want even though they didn’t realise it until then. Read more ›››