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Rude Awakenings


I’m beginning to wonder whether the government is determined to save money on my ‘gold-plated’ pension by ensuring that the BBC drives me to an early grave.

Each morning I wake up happy and refreshed ready to greet the day only to have my mood shattered by an interview with someone who is clearly barking mad that has me shouting at the radio, sending my blood pressure through the roof. Read more ›››


It is been quite a week for lifestyle health scares. Parents are going to get a nanny-style ticking off if their kids are overweight because it causes diabetes in latter life and by 2050 more than half of us will be obese. (Although it’s not our fault apparently.) Meanwhile, it is the affluent who are drinking too much and they/we should stop it tout de suite.

Food and drink to the anti-nanny state critics, if you’ll pardon the apt cliche. And there are plenty of them, some of which I link to, not because I necessarily agree with their criticism of the nanny state, but mostly because they can be an entertaining read. Read more ›››

Because We Say So

Interesting that anyone found smoking on precluded premises will have an on-the-spot fine of £50 imposed, while someone caught with a mobile phone clamped to their ear while driving is only fined £30 and with time to pay.

Okay, so the smoker may or may not have an impact on the health of the people around him/her, by which I’m not trying to deny the effect of passive smoking. It can kill some of the people affected, but not everyone. Some will die of other causes before the cancer etc kicks in — RTAs, DVT, broken-hearts, you name it. The point is that death by passive smoking, as is death by active smoking, is long-term cause and effect. Read more ›››