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Umpteenth Way

There is a warm glow around the UK that now that smoking is to be banned — in ‘enclosed spaces’ — ‘where food might be prepared’ — neither of which is defined, and which will take another four years to frame into legislation and implement. Meanwhile, ‘backward’ Bhutan sorts it out by Christmas.

Driven to the Hills

About twenty years ago, there was a play on Radio 4. It was a satire about a near future UK in which smoking had been outlawed and the remaining smokers had been driven from society into the hills of Scotland (or it might have been Wales) and were desperately eking out their last packs of Marlboro.

We laughed at the time (it was pretty funny) and thought it was an interesting idea, but it could never happen. Could it? Read more ›››

Truth Hurts

Our health secretary John Reid has got himself in trouble for suggesting that, for single mums on council sink estates, smoking might be their only pleasure. Not the wisest thing for him to say, but only because it brings out the worst in our national trait that says ‘the poor must change because it’s good for them’ which liberal attitude has failed for more than a century. Read more ›››