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Mill Town Morris Dancers

An extra W for ABC Wednesday, this time W for Walk, specifically a midsummer’s walk to Hartshead Pike that we went on last night.

It was the reverse fixture of our winter solstice walk that I wrote about in December, and again organised by the wardens at Park Bridge Heritage Centre. Read more ›››

Spirit of ’67

ve never much bothered with the solstices. I may been around on those days, but I haven’t been up early enough or paid enough attention to see the sun rise or set or whatever it is the druids set great store by.

So I was as surprised as anyone when I agreed to climb out from under a warm duvet this morning to venture on a three mile hike to see what all the fuss was about. Read more ›››

The Longest Day

With all the rain we are having at the moment, it would be easy to forget that today is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. You have to admire the thousands who gathered at stonehenge for this quasi-religious event — they must have got a soaking. Read more ›››