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Thanks to the Son of Groucho for this link.

Down in the Dumps

Like Son of Groucho, I’ve been suffering from a bad case of blogger’s block this week. (Though SoG’s link to the fractal hand kept me entertained for ages.) I’m not sure why this should be, especially in a week when the government has been enjoying a ban-feste — fags, glorifying terrorism and not having an ID card. Not a bad haul even for this lot.

Regular readers will know I have nothing for or against the above, it’s the ‘ban’ word I have problems with. For many years I’ve laboured under the impression that smoking is a perfectly legal and tax revenue raising habit; that I live in a land that believes in freedom of speech and; that I don’t have to prove my existence (or lack of it) to anyone in authority unless I’ve been up to no good. Read more ›››

Never Be Lost For Words

Thanks to Son of Groucho for pointing me to the fascinating Word Count website. “Shooting” comes in as the 3,970th most used words, while “Parrots” is a distant 25,547. I especially like the fact that the consecutive words 992 to 995 are “America ensure oil opportunity.” Read more ›››

Hunt the Camera

I’m jealous of those who illustrate their blogs with their own photos and I often wish I could do the same, even though it has its dangers and I could end up a Flikr junkie like Son of Groucho. But the things is, I managed to miss two photo opportunities in two days and all for the want of a camera. Yesterday it was at home. It was about 4pm… Read more

Ars Magna

At Son of Groucho’s excellent suggestion, I ran Shooting Parrots through the Internet Anagram Server (the “Great Art”) and came up with “a strongish troop,” “rot a spoon’s girth” and “a pro’s thong riots.” But the most accurate? “So, a night’s torpor.” Nightie, night then. Read more ›››