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East of Eden

Darling daughter was on the phone on Friday full of plans for her first weekend proper in Cape Town, briefly a Cajun supper that evening prepared by one of the American girls at the hostel, a winery trip on Saturday and a visit to Robben Island today.

I reminded her of all the things that boring old dad would do given the chance, like having my photo taken at the spot where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean etc. Read more ›››

Braai for Bee

It’s funny how often you come across words you’ve never heard before twice in one day. There was an interview on the radio about the plans to welcome back the Open winner, Louis Oosthuizen, to South Africa and they said they were planning a braai.

That would have meant nothing to me if I hadn’t spoken to my daughter in Cape Town earlier in the day to wish her a happy birthday. When asked how she planned to celebrate and she said they were having a barbeque, “or braai as they call it here”. Read more ›››

Actually, Blame Stuart Hall

Forget Sepp Blatter, the goal that wasn’t given or a rank bad English display, I reckon the cause of our demise was the curse of Stuart Hall, Gary Lineker and Walkers Crisps.

If you haven’t seen the tv ads, they have produced fifteen flavours for the World Cup, and see where it got the teams? Read more ›››

Blame Blatter

I  used to have quite strong views about the introduction of goal-line technology in footie, but after events today, I am having to reconsider.

That Lampard shot definitely crossed the line. I could see it clearly and I was sat 6,000 miles away from Bloemfontein. (5,957.435 miles to be exact) The players could see it, the crowd could see it. The only two people who couldn’t were the ref and linesman. Read more ›››

Vuvu Voluntary

The vuvuzela is now very much a must have instrument among the Yorkshire brass band fraternity, at least if my visit to Sheffield today is anything to go by.

We had been invited to my daughter’s for the day in honour of Father’s Day, that special date in the calendar when the patriarch is indulged. In my case this involved not having a lie-in or breakfast in bed, but an early trip to stock up at the shops followed by a pleasant drive in the sunshine across the Pennines. Read more ›››

Saturday Soundtrack

I would dearly love to find a recording of the verion of the MOTD theme used by Danny Baker to introduce and play out his Saturday and Wednesday World Cup shows from SA on BBC FiveLive. It has a calming jauntiness that the country needs right now after the dismal showing last night, but despite my best Googling I haven’t been able to track it down. Read more ›››

Blow Your Horn

Five Live devoted an entire one hour phone-in about the merits or demerits of the vuvuzela. Okay, so it sounds like a demented bluebottle trapped in a lampshade, but I don’t think anyone in South Africa is going to take much notice. So if you can’t beat ’em… Read more ›››

Weather Worn

Our darling daughter is off to South Africa in the near future, Unite and Willie Walsh willing. And not for the obvious reason — to watch the World Cup — but for the noble motive of volunteer teaching. That and having an adventure on another continent, making new friends, whale watching off the Cape, seeing the sunrise from Table Top Mountain, weekends on safari — you get the picture. Read more ›››