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In Mourning


If I had anything in my wardrobe that was black, totally black, I would be wearing it tonight to mark my respects for the passing of the all-time great tv shows.

Tonight saw the very last episode of Spooks on BBC1. After ten years of ‘MI5, Not 9 to 5’ our national security and Sunday night sofas are no longer safe. Read more ›››

Overrated Abbey

Matt Cartoon

No surprise that Downton Abbey knocked spots of Spooks in the great Sunday night tv ratings battle — the media had been full of nothing else but the former for a fortnight, especially the Daily Mail.

The Abbey took over their Weekend magazine for the last two weeks to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. Read more ›››

MI5 Not Nine to Five

Less than a week before the end of series nine of Spooks and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned once in my posts. I’m surprised because it is one of the few programmes on telly that I make a point of watching.

There will be those of you who don’t or can’t watch it and will think about switching of now. And if you do watch it, you don’t need me to tell you about it. For those reasons, I’m not planning any great description other than to set the scene. Read more ›››