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The Rolling Stones

The Beechams Ultra All in One capsules did the trick and we made it to my niece’s wedding yesterday, albeit there was a powerful menthol whiff of Jakemans Throat and Chest sweets around our pew.

The ceremony went well and the couple looked perfect. There was just the one tricky moment during the signing of the register when my dad choose the lull between organ tunes to state quite loudly, “It still seems queer having a lady vicar,” but I think I covered it with a diplomatic coughing fit. Read more ›››

The Longest Day

With all the rain we are having at the moment, it would be easy to forget that today is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. You have to admire the thousands who gathered at stonehenge for this quasi-religious event — they must have got a soaking. Read more ›››