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Who Wants to be a Mi££ionaire?

Gosh, I am proud. I was checking my site stats today and there have been over a million page views since February 2003 and around 279,000 visits. Not all the blog I should stress.

Meanwhile, one of those “you know you’re getting old” moments. The one where your daughter tells you she’s off to see a band and instead of asking why, the question is who? Miss P and mates are off to see Athlete at the Apollo. Read more ›››

Him Tenth Man

Yet again we thought Timmy could do it. This time the semis of the French Open.

And he had a good go on his least favourite surface. Up one set, and with a break in the second, he was on a roll. And still on clay. Going downhill from there, thirteen games lost on a run; but then he made a fight of the fourth set. Read more ›››