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It’s War

If I’ve been quiet lately, it’s because I’ve been distracted by Rome: Total War which I bought last weekend as a birthday treat for myself. And a cracking game it is too with the same engine and graphics as used on Time Commanders.

Couple things I wanted to mention, the first an observation. I saw four women heading for the station with ten very full Primark bags between them. I wonder if this is a sign of panic-buying in the wake of that fire? Read more ›››

Time Commanders

Best news of the week (and it’s only Monday) is that after six episodes, Time Commanders continues this Thursday, Essential viewing for me and son Max. In a nutshell, ancient battles re-fought, but with the contestants in a modern, battle command centre.

The teams have mostly made a pig’s ear of things because they have not played to their strengths which was absolutely key to ancient warfare. That and use of ground. Read more ›››