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Tempus Fugit

Ever wondered where all the years went? One minute you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m twenty — loads of time to change the world.” Then you hit thirty, and the world has happily changed itself without any help from you.

Next comes forty, and you have had some impact — paid taxes, fathered children, but you haven’t scored a goal for England, had a street named after you, invented something brilliant, changed the way that people think, written a book, directed a classic film, and the list goes on. And the world keeps spinning. Read more ›››

No Brainer

What is the worst pain? Childbirth? Gout? Kidney stones? No, it’s the hangover as far as I’m concerned. That moment when you wake in the morning, hazy recollections of the drink from the previous night, and you know, know for certain, that the moment you open your eyes a power drill will enter one temple and exit the other. So it was this morning. Read more ›››