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The Book of Secrets

Life has been rather hectic lately and I haven’t many opportunities to go online, other than to work on a website I’m putting together for an acquaintance. There has been some downtime, however, with my latest read The Book of Secrets by Tom Harper.

I bought it on the strength of  The Lazarus Vault which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, having enjoyed both the story and the writing. The Book of Secrets didn’t disappoint. Read more ›››

The Lazarus Vault

This book was an impulse purchase. I’d popped into Asda to buy a few things and  looked over their cheap, but not extensive, range of paperbacks and chose this one, The Lazarus Vault by Tom Harper.

I had expected yet another Da Vinci Code derivative, which it is in a way, but was pleasantly surprised by the writing which draws you into the story and makes disbelief easy to suspend. Read more ›››