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ECDL Desirable, Not Essential

Further to my post about Tony Blair yesterday, I haven’t been able to read any of his memoirs as yet because a) I haven’t bought it and b) I’m busy working my way through Decline and Fall.

Published at the same time, Chris Mullin’s diaries might not be the absolute inside track, but is probably more entertaining. Read more ›››

When Did You Last See Your Father?

I watched Tony Blair being interviewed by Andrew Marr the other night, and I listened to his recorded interview with Richard Bacon on FiveLive yesterday, and you have to admit that he has still got it, whether you define ‘it’ as charisma, self-belief, spin or egomania.

Whatever ‘it’ is, he knocks Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, David Miliband and Ed Balls into a cocked hat. Read more ›››

Think The Unthinkable

All in all the Parrot family did okay for Christmas prezzies. I won’t bore you with the details other than to say that one of my favourites is “Is it just me or is everything shit?“, the encyclopedia of modern life by Steve Love and Alan McArthur. It’s a grumpy old git of a read, but funny, entertaining and a jaundiced view of the world that strangely resonates.

I’m only up to the letter C category, but one of my favourites is number six on the list of “The 10 definitive Reasons Why Tony Blair Is Fucking Rubbish”: Read more ›››

Purple Patch for Tony

Having a day off work, I thought I’d listen to Prime Minister’s Questions on the radio this afternoon. (What a saddo!) It’s usually good for a bit of a knockabout between TB and the oily leader of Her Madge’s opposition, but today’s session was even more eventful than usual when a couple of protesters from Fathers-4-Justice chucked condoms full of purple stained flour at Tone and Gordon (Bennett) Brown. Read more ›››

The Best of British

So George Bush experienced fish, chips and mushy peas while visiting the Dun Cow in Tony Blair’s Sedgefield constituency. Now while we like to think that it is great to introduce visiting Americans and others to one of our national dishes, it may just be that they’ve tried it before. Take Ye Olde English Fish N Chip Shoppe in Maine. Either it is patronised by nostalgic ex-pats, or there really is a market out there. Read more ›››

The Phaethon Phenomenon

Tony Blair’s success in winning over the Labour faithful at their party conference in Bournemouth yesterday prompted me to go back to The Political Animal by Jeremy Paxman.

It was a Christmas gift from my son last year (okay, so I chose it) and is a good analysis of why someone might want to become a politician. Would you have got up on stage in front of hundreds of people, with millions more watching at home, knowing you could be completely humiliated? Read more ›››

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

One of the joys of my weekend is the Sunday Times. The first I do in the morning is to take a cup of tea into the office and go online to enter the ‘Where Was I’ competition in the travel section. Not that I ever expect to win the holiday prize, it’s more the challenge of solving the puzzle and sharpening up my web searching skills. The answers this week are Lullingstone and Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill. Read more ›››

A Doll of a President

I was amazed to read in the Manchester Evening News yesterday that you can buy a George W Bush action figure in the US for a cent under $30. At just over a foot high, you simply “press the button on George’s back to hear him say 17 powerful and patriotic phrases” although it doesn’t specify in which part of the doll’s anatomy they have placed the speaker!

Obviously I’ve led a very sheltered life because a Guardian article from April 2002 reported that a doll of Osama Bin Laden was out-selling one of Tony Blair. Then I found a more recent Tony doll which has a clip of him addressing the US Senate and House of Representatives in July. Read more ›››