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No Energy

I got quite cross this morning listening to the Five Live phone-in. Rolling news being what it is, the discussion about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan had moved on from worrying about the probable tens of thousands of deaths to the pros and cons of nuclear power.

There was a lot of amateur opinion that the problems at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor proves conclusively that nuclear power is too hot to handle and we should shut the whole of them down pdq before they blow up the planet. The word Chernobyl was mentioned an awful lot. Read more ›››


As I mentioned the other day, I haven’t written anything on the Tsunami Disaster because I felt there was nothing else to say, no words big enough. Now there are. Just when my heart was warmed by the generosity of spirit by the public here in the UK and around the world, just when you start thinking that we have a future if we can show the same solidarity with our fellow man, some arseholes comes along to spoil it, viz: Read more ›››

Whose God is it Anyway?

“Obviously 120,000+ getting killed isn’t even worth a mention. get back to the toys now. bye.”

Anonymous thinks that I should be writing about more important things than Civilization, ie the Indian Ocean disaster. Well I have written comments elsewhere. The reason I haven’t mentioned it here is because, frankly, what more is there to say? Other than that everyone should get their hands in their pockets pronto like I’ve done. Read more ›››