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And the Sidebar was Bare

Six days into 2006 and it’s my first post of the new year. That must be the longest time I’ve been quiet. I bet you thought someone had thrown the blanket over Polly’s cage. In fact, I have been really busy at work finishing quite late and pretty shattered by the time I get home.

But I had to make some time today to take the decorations down, ie the virtual Christmas tree that has been sitting on the right-hand column over the festive period. Strictly speaking, I should have done this yesterday, on Twelfth Night to be exact, although this lot seem to think you’ve got all day today as well. Read more ›››

Fifth or Sixth?

The kids were back at college/school yesterday. Me and Mrs P still had more holiday to go, so having spent the morning dismantling Christmas ornaments, followed by a trip to the recycling centre, we stopped off for a pub meal at the place down the road where we met my family on Boxing Day.

The grub was really good. Mine was black pudding wrapped in medallions of pork in a creamy pepper sauce. Excellent. Read more ›››