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Don’t Drink the Water

Whenever drought threatens, we can always rely on United Utilities to see us through by deploying their ultimate weapon — the hosepipe ban announcement.

The emphasis here is on the word ‘announcement’, rather than ‘hosepipe’ or ‘ban’. Even after weeks of hot, dry weather, there’s nothing like it to bring those isobars and rain clouds swinging in from the Atlantic, as has happened since the UU hosepipe ban was announced last week. It has rained on and off ever since. Read more ›››


As we saw after Hurricane Katrina, we are only ever three meals away from anarchy. How that equates to cups of tea and coffee I’m not sure, but we may find out today because we awoke this morning to find that our water supply had dried up overnight.

A call to United Utilities and a recorded message later told me that we weren’t alone. A water main burst half a mile away had knocked out the supply to the whole area. Not only that, but had closed two main roads, the one we live on and the main route to Stockport, so never mind the meals, there was already traffic anarchy as vehicles were syphoned off to a side road. Read more ›››