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Weather or Not

Bredbury War Memorial

What is it with weather forecasters? Every day this week it has been sunny, warm(ish) and wall to wall blue sky and every day this week the forecasters have told us to make the most of it because it will be cloudy and wet tomorrow. And every day they were wrong.

Not that I’m complaining about the weather, it’s just that I feel compelled to go out with my camera, not knowing when I might next get the chance. Which means I now have three full memory cards to process. Read more ›››

Cool to be Filthy

Washing Line

It seems that summer may have come and gone. After what seems like months of wet weather, the sky turned blue yesterday and the temperature climbed to 30° and thoughts turned to barbeques and paddling pools.

It was the same this morning, but now it has clouded over, the humidity has risen and it is threatening rain again and everyone is saying that it is like being in a sauna which of course it isn’t. Read more ›››

Don’t Drink the Water

Whenever drought threatens, we can always rely on United Utilities to see us through by deploying their ultimate weapon — the hosepipe ban announcement.

The emphasis here is on the word ‘announcement’, rather than ‘hosepipe’ or ‘ban’. Even after weeks of hot, dry weather, there’s nothing like it to bring those isobars and rain clouds swinging in from the Atlantic, as has happened since the UU hosepipe ban was announced last week. It has rained on and off ever since. Read more ›››

Furacão me, it’s breezy

I was reading The Hot Word post on the etymology of the words hurricane, typhoon and cyclone. No surprise that two of them should take their names from mythology, but what did make me stop was the way that the comments flipped straight to the pretty basic theological statement — “God Controls the weather!”

This conjured up an image of a bearded old man in flowing robes at the controls of  some super-computer randomly hitting the buttons marked ‘blizzard’, ‘drought’, ‘tornado’ and ‘that really fine drizzle that gets you wetter than proper rain’. Read more ›››

Weather Worn

Our darling daughter is off to South Africa in the near future, Unite and Willie Walsh willing. And not for the obvious reason — to watch the World Cup — but for the noble motive of volunteer teaching. That and having an adventure on another continent, making new friends, whale watching off the Cape, seeing the sunrise from Table Top Mountain, weekends on safari — you get the picture. Read more ›››

One-legged Man at Butt Kicking Contest

Lord knows we try to do our bit for the environment, but I’m not sure the environment is paying much attention.

Every day I look up into the sky to see if our bit of the ozone layer is thickening up at all with no noticeable effect. Mind you, it’s hard to tell through the clouds and when your glasses are blurred with raindrops. Read more ›››

Caught in a Draft

It is 20 years since Michael Fish‘s infamous quote on tv the evening before the country was lashed by storms: “Earlier on today apparently,” he began, “a woman rang the BBC and said she had heard that there was a hurricane on the way.”Well if you are watching, don’t worry there isn’t,” Read more ›››

Hard Rain

I quite like rain. Not surprising for someone from the Rainy City who is precipitously aware, but I genuinely like it. It’s the stuff of life and nothing drives it home better than the sopping suit of civilisation failing to protect us from the uncertainty of the weather.

I should have an umbrella, of course, but despite Manchester’s reputation, I’ve never really had need of one. Ignore the stereotype — it doesn’t rain that much in the city. The last one I owned whipped inside out and fell to bits and ended up in a bin on a windy trip to Bolton last January. Read more ›››